Welcome to darksiders!

i will be using this website to tell stroies and experinces that happened to me or people i know so lets begin

my first story is one of my hunting trips last year, i was with my uncle we brought our pump action shotguns because we were hunting bears for their meat and skin, so me and my uncle were hiding in a tree that we hung a bee hive full of honey we only wait for 10 mins then a brown bear showed up and then we filled it with 20 gauge buckshots, as we shot it the bear grab me with its claws and drag me towards i lost my gun but i remebered that i still had my combat knife, so as i grab my knife as it lifted me up and was trying to slam me down i stabbed the bear in the eye stoping it from slamming me and forcing it to let go and run away, but i didn't let it get far as i ran after it and i caught up with it my uncle toss me, my shotgun and once i had it in my hands i slid under the bear and shot it straight under its head. that is the end of this story.

i will say a couple of my hobbies so that you can understand so of the stories i will write the truth and the only the truth my first hobby you can guess is hunting, i have hunt timber wolfs to grizzly bears, my second hobby is skining and preparing the animal meat to cook for my family, my thrid is learning new ways to prepare and cook the animal meats we have taken from the animal